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LS4 performance

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Anything you would like to know about the LS4 motor found in the 06+ SS models can be found here on this site. So if your looking for the engine performance aspect of the car you may want to look around here.

LS1/LS6 Intake swap: LS1/LS6 intake swap Sticky!!! - LS1TECH

Suspension Upgrades with options: Impala SS Bilstein BMR ZZ GXP Suspension Upgrades Done! - LS1TECH

Shift Kit Install: Shift kit install, very detailed (56K go watch a movie) - LS1TECH

Info on the LS4 and the transmission it carries: Information on the LS4, DOD, and the 4T65E-HD - LS1TECH

LS1 install guides: Information on LS1 installs

how to build a TRUE CAI: 2008 Impala SS LS4 True Cold Air / Ram Air Induction System - LS1TECH

Headers for the 5.3: HEADERS 5.3L LS4 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE HEADER 2005-2009 IMPALA SS/ MONTE CARLO/ GRAND PRIX GXP/ LA CROSS at Doug Thorley Headers

Magnaflow Complete cat back exhaust:

Cartuning Turbo kit: Cartuning Performance
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Intake Swap

I'm looking for more info. I've looked at the link LS1/LS6 intake swap. I'm not sure if this is a straight drop with the addition of the fuel rail and larger diameter throttle body. I'm not wanting to be chopping parts and fabricating pieces if I don't have to. I've seen a video on youtube ( LS2 intake manifold with tb swap on LS4 - YouTube ) that shows an LS2 intake being used. I spoke to someone at ChiX performance in Roswell GA today he also told me that I would need to change the intake in order to see the potential the LS4 has. He also pointed out that I would need to disable DoD due to a large number of cam failures that most cars have been experiencing. Just a little point in the right direction before I start spending money and investing time.
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