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  • [email protected] ·
    Hello dear friend. I need Your help.
    I have rosen ds ty0710 with OS 5.25.
    I do not have original H11 sd card. please tell me ow can I install Igo to another SD card,

    thanks a lot
    Neil ·
    What size nuts do I need to use for both front cv axles? 2006 Impala 3.9 LT.
    I was told that they are both different sizes.
    They have never been changed. I have a 2006-2011 Impala Repair Manual but, it doesn't say what size they are.

    GOD bless and thank you for the help.
    waynem63 ·
    Thank you so much for all of the information about the Rosen GM1010. There seems to be a sub menu that can be accessed but you have to enter a code but how do you get the keyboard to come up?
    Thanks, Wayne
    [email protected]
    bgrave1 ·

    Thanks for the wealth of information about the Rosen Nav units.

    I just purchased a unit for my Toyota Tundra and made up my own harness.

    I am impressed with the fit and finish.

    I purchased this unit on the cheap without an SD card or any harnesses.

    Would you be able to share how to setup a new Nav SD card and possibly what the pinouts are for the various "extra" connections?

    I have the unit powered and operating just fine, but I am planning on adding my backup camera and rear headrests. I have no issue making my own harnesses, but I am struggling with the pinouts.

    Thanks in Advance!

    Bob Grave
    [email protected]
    kb3gup ·
    Hey what's the transmission model number in the '13? I can't find it for the life of me. Also is that the one they've had all the problems with or is it from previous years?

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