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LS4 performance

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Anything you would like to know about the LS4 motor found in the 06+ SS models can be found here on this site. So if your looking for the engine performance aspect of the car you may want to look around here.

LS1/LS6 Intake swap: LS1/LS6 intake swap Sticky!!! - LS1TECH

Suspension Upgrades with options: Impala SS Bilstein BMR ZZ GXP Suspension Upgrades Done! - LS1TECH

Shift Kit Install: Shift kit install, very detailed (56K go watch a movie) - LS1TECH

Info on the LS4 and the transmission it carries: Information on the LS4, DOD, and the 4T65E-HD - LS1TECH

LS1 install guides: Information on LS1 installs

how to build a TRUE CAI: 2008 Impala SS LS4 True Cold Air / Ram Air Induction System - LS1TECH

Headers for the 5.3: HEADERS 5.3L LS4 FRONT WHEEL DRIVE HEADER 2005-2009 IMPALA SS/ MONTE CARLO/ GRAND PRIX GXP/ LA CROSS at Doug Thorley Headers

Magnaflow Complete cat back exhaust:

Cartuning Turbo kit: Cartuning Performance
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he doesn't come online anymore, its been over a year now
Oh yea ik but I don't plan on trading it in but next time I buy a impala it's gonna be the 2015 chevy ss v8
thats not a impala, its a chevy SS, nothing to do with a impala.
if you going to trade in your car why bother doing that huge list of modification you have planned? seem pointless.
But they're completely different cars.... one is v8 rwd with optional manual trans, the other is v6 fwd and auto only. And they don't even look the same either....
No they are 2 completely different things.. and way more then just timing will be need to be changed in your tune for a cam
idk about 3.5l but 3.8l does not need new pushrods, stock ones are fine
1 - 5 of 51 Posts
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