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stock) past 305rwhp? I was thinking an LT4 HotCam Kit,Upgrade to a 4.10 Positrac,Cold Air Intake,CC306 Cam if not equal to LT4 HotCam kit, Bigger Throttle Body hmmmmmm what else? just wanna get it to lay down atleast 305hp at the wheels but the more the better as well as more torque than horse gotta have more than the stock 275hp at the engine and 325 ft lbs at the engine.

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for the a4 settle with 3.73 gears, much better since the autos only have 1 overdrive gear.
If you plan to upgrade gears do the lighten the driveshaft as well. Less rotating mass is better at making your car accelerate.
Full exhaust, these cars love it!
bigger throttle body, and intake system.
Ive always been a huge fan of the entire lt-4 setup
Get a tune, preferebly someone with access to hptuners.
And say hello to about 350whp.
Now you just gotta hope your tranny will like it.
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