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Hope it's all right...:beer:?!

I've been using the stuff for many years now in my small-engine stuff.
Thanks to THIS Forum & a couple similar ones, I've been brave enough to use it in our cars in the last few months :clap:!!
* The Wife's 2006 Grand-Prix GT w/ the Blown 3800, & the larger-wheel/tire option....83,000 miles now.
* My "Red-Jewel Tintcoat" '08 LTZ...30,100 miles.
* Daughter's '04 Sebring Touring.

My 16 y/o Snowblower:
* Been runnin' SF thru it for yeeeeaaarrrs. Finally had to have a Carb-kit put in a couple years ago tho'.
* Every time I put gas in, I'll splash in a tablespoon or 2.
* Using Toro synthetic since the Carb-kit. After all these years, it runs like it was new.
* As a further "test", I purposely left tank half-full of gas at the end of winter...usually a BIG No-No!! Did this the last couple years.
* I DID however use a higher-dose (maybe a 1/2-cup) of SF, and let it run about 10 min. b4 parking it.
* At the 1st start each December (7-8 MONTHS later with the OLD gas :cool:), started on FIRST pull and ran like a champ!
* Oh...and the same spark-plug has been in for 3 years!

I do the same thing with my Lawnmower & String-trimmer.
So...for these small-engines, they're on a steady/small-dose of SF "in-season".

In the 3 cars, I usually pour-in a 1/3 bottle 1/month, for the last few months, into the tanks. I haven't done the vacuum-hose method yet!

>>> The Hardware store where I work also has a BUSY Service-Shop for small-engines. It's certified for Stihl & Toro.
(To be a Stihl dealer, you have to have an in-house shop, and mechanics trained on their stuff)
>>> Year-round, we'll sell 50-150 SF's a month. an avg. year, a THOUSAND bottles go out the doors here...:dizzy:.


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On the Grand Prix the only place to run the sea foam through is the Vac port under the S/C snout. If you put it in through any where else you run the risk of stripping the Teflon coating on the S/C rotors. Be careful when using seafoam on cars with blower and turbos. An old school trick is to use water, just like seafoam but use good ole H20. Introduce it into the intake manifold in small amounts, does the same thing as seafoam. :eek:k3:
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