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Worth Upgrading Speakers?

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I'm thinking of upgrading all my interior speakers, well the 4 that I have anyway. lol So, I was looking at the Infinity Kappas and was told their good, they sound like good quality, but I thought I'd ask if that's a good choice and if it's worth upgrading the speakers. The only audio upgrade I have now is an Alpine Type R 12 sub and Alpine MRP-500 Amp. Stock headunit, AM/FM Cassette 1 CD no OnStar. :beer:
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Probably. I have to get all the cost figured out. My B-Day is coming up, so I'm gonna ask for some stuff, but I want to know what I need to buy myself.
mine too! next wednesday haha. thats cool keep us updated
No shit, mine too....the 13th. lol
Lol, if only you got speakers, too. jk haha

So, yeah, anyway I gotta decide between the Polks and the Alpines.
depends on what you want. IMO Alpine will be better but cost more. Polks are still good quality and wayyyy better than stock, but at a cheaper price than Alpine
I use to run an Alpine HU when I competed and LOVED that fucker!! It never skipped when I bumped my subs for comps or when regular cruising.
I have all Pioneer speakers and two 10" P3 Shallows. I love my setup all though I'm not going to competitions and whatnot. I don't believe they even have those up here, but my buddy and I were always competing on who could get their vehicle bumpin more and he had Alpines all around and that thing sounded mean. I wasn't to impressed with Polk but like everything else you get what you pay for.
So im gonna run Polk DXi6500 6.5s and Polk DXi690 6x9s. I can use the Polk PA660 amp for those? I don't have a link cause I'm on my phone sorry.
41 - 50 of 50 Posts
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