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Worth Upgrading Speakers?

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I'm thinking of upgrading all my interior speakers, well the 4 that I have anyway. lol So, I was looking at the Infinity Kappas and was told their good, they sound like good quality, but I thought I'd ask if that's a good choice and if it's worth upgrading the speakers. The only audio upgrade I have now is an Alpine Type R 12 sub and Alpine MRP-500 Amp. Stock headunit, AM/FM Cassette 1 CD no OnStar. :beer:
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for instance, this song here wangs hard as hell. hard. as. hell. but if you listen to it on the computer you can hear the lyrics. and theyre demented. in one verse he says " im still paid, im still rich as hell. im still doin what i still been doin yeah" what the hell is that? haha Yao Ming by Juicy J:
^Sounds like you are listening to wrong music. If I listened to that garbage, I wouldnt want to hear the lyrics either.

Good beats are a dime a dozen. Good lyrics are a mark of talent.
yeah, when im in the mood to listen to a song with good lyrics i turn the bass down
It's all just preference. When I smoke I lyk to hear bass and some lyrics. I've got mine set to were I can hear both almost all the time. Except a couple of songs.
For what its worth, i will put my two cents in.
I swapped out my factory fronts and rears with JLAudio, used a Audio Control audio processor to run an Alpine MRP300 for the front and rear JLAudio 6.5 components and the 6x9 rears, an Alpine MRP1000 monoblock running a single
Alpine Type-R 12 sub and it ROCKS... the LC7 audio processor allows you to remotely control the output of the sub pre-amp so you blend it nicely with the rest of your system. it also has a push button action on that control knob that allows you to switch between the stock head unit input and auxillary. I have my IPhone running into it for MP3 use (stock deck sucks). you could run a game system, DVD unit, computer ect. to it though and it is all nicely adjustable.

the beauty of the LC7 is that you can adjust the level output on each channel to match things perfectly, PLUS it outputs at 4v preamp level so your amps can ROCK!

On a side note, anybody who is running thier amp bolted to the bottom of the rear deck needs to be careful if its a high power amp... that is a great spot IF you add some 12v fans to cool the amp... heat rises, and that's the top of the trunk... just saying....

If you pull out the back of the back seat, you can sandwich a piece of pegboard (inside, next to foam) with a piece of 1/4 carpeted plywood on the outside (of the steel wire backing on seat) and give yourself a perfect place to mount amps, crossovers, caps, etc. where they wont heat up nearly as much as if they are up top. Plus is looks kick ass!
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You have 1 12 in sub, and you have Bose... You dont exactly qualify for what I would consider too much bass. And with the stock setup, turning the bass down via the crappy factory headunit does very little... in fact I remember having to fade my speakers to the front all the time because all I could hear was bass.

Nonetheless, if you think theres no such thing as too much bass, why would you ever turn it down?
Yes, now I have 1 12" but I still have 1000 true watts running through it. Just cause you have 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 subs doesn't make it loud if either you don't have enough power to them or you have a shitty box(which will make a HUGE difference). Right now I have my amp gain at about 40% and adjusting the head unit base does affect my sub output do to the fact that I have the LOC wired to my back speakers(until I change my HU).

To answer your last question I've highlighted my previous post since you overlooked it.

That's why they have bass knobs/controllers. So with certain music you can adjust your bass levels. I've got 1000w on a single 12 with the stock bose and it stills sound pretty good when I want to bang on the sub. I don't always have the bass up cause I'm getting old(mainly the wifey doesn't like it!)!!

I will say that "most" classical music sounded better through my old setup which was 1200w and a 15 in a 8cube/ft box. Rock/Alternative was just about the only music that doesn't sound good with alot of bass.IMO

Hopefully this clears things up.
I don't see the highlighted part.:giggle:
I can't see shit cause I'm color-blind. jk :p
So the guy who says theres "no such thing as too much bass" is clearing things up by saying that some music doesnt sound good with too much bass... Oh yeah, im crystal clear now...

Also, i never meant to imply that your 1000W system was not up to par... what I meant was that with Bose speakers, you can throw MORE bass/wattage to your system and still sound good because the Bose speakers come through a lot better than the regular Delco/Factory speakers (which is why, just from hearing your setup, i dont think your bass would be overpowering). Throw that same system in a non-Bose Impala and you might find that all you can hear is bass.

Let me clarify what bose stands for BUY OTHER STEREO EQUIPMENT.

Quite honestly you are better off with amplified stock delco speakers.

Anyone seen the car hitting 155 db with stock delco 6x9"s? or Team toxic bass hitting 140 db with a single 3" paper speaker and 19 watts rms?
Let me clarify what bose stands for BUY OTHER STEREO EQUIPMENT.

Quite honestly you are better off with amplified stock delco speakers.

Anyone seen the car hitting 155 db with stock delco 6x9"s? or Team toxic bass hitting 140 db with a single 3" paper speaker and 19 watts rms?

No, but then again who goes to audio competitions using stock 6x9's for SQ runs?

I was never into SQ competitions, just bass so I always turned off my door speakers in the Mountaineer with the Alpine I had.
where are the audio jacks for to install the after market amp? thanks in advance
where do i hook up my amp to get audio in? there are no jacks on the head unit! Pleases help me, thanks Tony
i recommend kenwood excelon's. you won't be disappointed. especially when you amp them up.
Ok, so I found this headunit and it looks like a nice piece, but was wondering if anyone had had experience with it? I have an Alpine Type R 12 sub, and plan to upgrade my speakers soon (Still figuring which I want). I've attached some speakers, so if someone who's been around the block could help, I'd really appreciate not ending up buying hundreds of dollars in sh*t. Thanks! Oh, for those who don't know I have an Alpine Type R 12 hooked to a Alpine MRP-500 amp.

Alpine Electronics of America, Inc.

Alpine - Type R 6" x 9" 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers with Hybrid Fiber Cones (Pair) - SPR-69

Alpine - Type R 6-1/2" 2-Way Coaxial Car Speaker with Hybrid Fiber Cones (Pair) - SPR-60

Honestly, I will probably go to BB and ask one of the guys there (There's a guy who's really into car audio) and have him help me out, but I do still value your opinions and want to hear about the above. Thanks!
Ok, so went to Best Buy and these are the speakers they suggested:

Rear 6x9s:

Polk Audio - 6" x 9" 3-Way Coaxial Loudspeakers with Poly-Mica Cones (Pair) - DXi690

And the 6 1/2:

Polk Audio - 6-1/2" Coaxial Loudspeakers with Poly-Mica Cones (Pair) - DXI650

Polk Audio - 6-1/2" Component Loudspeakers with Poly-Mica Composite Cones (Pair) - DXi6500

Anyone think it's worth getting the $199 set? I can get it for less, but is it worth the $50 more?

And then the Alpine HU:

Alpine - 50W x 4 iPod®-/Satellite Radio-/HD Radio-Ready In-Dash Navigation CD Deck - INA-W900BT INA&cp=1&lp=1

I'll need the harness & the dash kit. Anything else?
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All great picks. The SPR line from Alpine is very nice. Where do you plan on purchassing everything? dont tell me best buy. please

EDIT: this was posted in reply to your first post with a hu and speakers (all alpine) before the post about going to worst buy
Lol, no I'm buying everything online and having BB install it. I found some of those Polks for like $60 for the 6x9s practically brand new. lol, so that may be what I do unless anyone has bad experience with them.
Ahhh man, just install it yourself. So easy. Are you getting an amp for the speakers? they can take a lot more than the HU can give em
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