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Worth Upgrading Speakers?

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I'm thinking of upgrading all my interior speakers, well the 4 that I have anyway. lol So, I was looking at the Infinity Kappas and was told their good, they sound like good quality, but I thought I'd ask if that's a good choice and if it's worth upgrading the speakers. The only audio upgrade I have now is an Alpine Type R 12 sub and Alpine MRP-500 Amp. Stock headunit, AM/FM Cassette 1 CD no OnStar. :beer:
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I got Sony Xplods. Nothing great. But I def can tell they sound better than stock. Fixing to upgrade to a 15 though.

Wally, you putting your system in your new SS?
Well I gotta 12 in there right now and I love it. Me upgrading to a 15 isn't something I'm dying to do. I still haven't even decided if I'm going to. But I am getting ready to put a new head unit in also.
Pew pew. I missed. Hahaha. And I agree with you. It's really just someone's personal opinion. You gotta go with what you feel.
It's all just preference. When I smoke I lyk to hear bass and some lyrics. I've got mine set to were I can hear both almost all the time. Except a couple of songs.
I don't see the highlighted part.:giggle:
1 - 5 of 50 Posts
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