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Worth Upgrading Speakers?

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I'm thinking of upgrading all my interior speakers, well the 4 that I have anyway. lol So, I was looking at the Infinity Kappas and was told their good, they sound like good quality, but I thought I'd ask if that's a good choice and if it's worth upgrading the speakers. The only audio upgrade I have now is an Alpine Type R 12 sub and Alpine MRP-500 Amp. Stock headunit, AM/FM Cassette 1 CD no OnStar. :beer:
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hey i had that exact set up for a while before adding another R and upgrading the amp. as far as the speakers go, you will get cleaner sound from the infinitys. but i dont think it will be anything that would amaze you. and passengers prolly wouldnt notice, especially if you po und on your sub haha
I think you guys are both right. Its a matter of preference. When I listen to most rap/hip-hop, I like my shit to wang hard as hell and i don't care about the lyrics, instruments, whatever. As long as the beat go hard as hell. But, when i listen to more dance/club type songs i turn the bass down a good amount. And when i listen to my smoking music such as bone thugs, red hot chilli peppers, twista, mac miller, some wiz khalifa. I like the bass wayyy down, or off. Thats my personal preference, everyone elses may be different. But I agree with both of you in a sense.
yeah exactly, people wanna hear young jeezys deep lyrics about selling drugs and fucking bitches haha but i just wanna hear and feel the beat, i would probably play some of the instrumentals if i had them
for instance, this song here wangs hard as hell. hard. as. hell. but if you listen to it on the computer you can hear the lyrics. and theyre demented. in one verse he says " im still paid, im still rich as hell. im still doin what i still been doin yeah" what the hell is that? haha Yao Ming by Juicy J:
yeah, when im in the mood to listen to a song with good lyrics i turn the bass down
All great picks. The SPR line from Alpine is very nice. Where do you plan on purchassing everything? dont tell me best buy. please

EDIT: this was posted in reply to your first post with a hu and speakers (all alpine) before the post about going to worst buy
Ahhh man, just install it yourself. So easy. Are you getting an amp for the speakers? they can take a lot more than the HU can give em
mine too! next wednesday haha. thats cool keep us updated
depends on what you want. IMO Alpine will be better but cost more. Polks are still good quality and wayyyy better than stock, but at a cheaper price than Alpine
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