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I have an Impala SS 95 and everytime i try to start it up, I crank it and all it does is do a ticking sound. (Like a grandfather clock does.) And when I crank it, it also turns everything off. Completely shuts down. I have 2 sets of keys if I loose one pair. I don't have a gauge because I took it out one day. Sometimes it even quits on me. I was traveling to Tennessee, it shut down the whole vehicle and wouldn't start until like 45 minutes later. The radio, everytime I insert the key, it works sometimes and it doesn't. Like i said already, the Pass. Key Fault light is on and will not go off.

If anyone can help me with his, I'll appreciate it much.
1995 is a 6th generation B Body. This is the 2000-2005 7th generation W body section.
You may want to post your question as a new thread in the 6th gen section. Folks will pipe up to help.
Sounds like you have loose connections or a low battery. Check both of the battery terminals and the ground connection to the engine. I believe the engine main ground is still on the alternator bracket on the mid 90's LT1.
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