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Without My Baby for A WEEK!

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I recently took my 95 Impala to the Chevy place to get my steering box replaced since I had about 6 inches of play either way with my steering wheel. I figure I'd take something like that to the professionals to make sure its done right.

That was back on July 28th. They said they would have the part in and I would have my car that day. They didn't. So Wednesday afternoon I went to pick the car up and as soon as I grab the steering wheel... its still 6 to 8 inches loose. I tell the tech and he says "Just drive on it for a week or so and see if it tightens up". What a joke?! $600 for nothing!

I went back this past Tuesday and they say since this "new" part is under warranty they'll fix it (um, not because they messed it up in the first place?). I'm told I'll have the car back at lunch. They call back at lunchtime and say they won't have it until Friday since the part hasn't come in yet and that the first steering box they put in was a used rebuilt one even though they billed me for a new one. What kind of crap is that? I tell them that they're going to give me some sort of credit for wasting my time. And they say they'll talk to the manager and see what they can do.

They call back on Friday and say I won't have my car until Monday now at the earliest since they won't be able to finish working on it in time. By now I'm thoroughly pissed off so to put this long story short:

They're going to fix my steering AND they're going to fix my windows for no charge. Let's just hope they get it right this time. Or not, so I can get more free stuff out of them:biggrin::confused:
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the first steering box they put in was a used rebuilt one even though they billed me for a new one.

I would not ever use that dealership again. I hate ripoffs. I would want my money back for the difference of what the put in verses what you paid the first time for.
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