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Window Tinting Time! :)

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Hello fellow impala members,

Let me start off by saying that this is the first time I am going to have my windows tinted so I am both excited and cautious at the moment. I've been asking around local tint shops about what kind of tints/films (no idea how to differentiate between the two, sorry) they carried and price estimates, and have been given several options.

Now, because I am new at this, my only knowledge about window tints comes from online research.*
What I have been offered:

Madico Charcool $250 4 doors
3M Fx Premium $200 4 doors (also offered crystalline, but did not give me a price)
Solar Gard Galaxie $300 4 doors + back windshield
Llumar ATC $275 4 doors
Llumar CTX $395 4 doors

My #1 priority in looking for a tint is fading over time. I intend to keep my car long term so I am looking for a film that will not fade. I have read online that carbon and ceramic films do not fade, but dye films do. I guess I am unsure as to whether any of the films mentioned above are dye or carbon/ceramic.

If anyone can share any thoughts on the offers or one what kind of films they have used, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks! :D
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Legalities aside, I would go for 20%. I did 35% on my 2012 Impala and wish I would have went darker. In PA, ANY tint is illegal, so I'm just as illegal with 35% as I would be with 5%. :)

Like @WickedGoat mentioned above, make sure you use a reputable shop that has been around for a while. A lot of these tint shops are here one day and gone the next, so their "lifetime warranty" is useless. Now, if you get a more expensive tint, they usually offer nationwide lifetime warranties, so even if the shop you used closes it's doors and you have issues with the tint 5 years later, any other authorized dealer of the tint will honor the warranty.

I used 3M tint - 3M ColorStable 35%. It definitely costs more up front than the cheaper tints, but it has great scratch resistance and will not fade. It also has the nationwide lifetime warranty.

I know that there are some other more expensive tints that are "self healing", which is kind of cool. So even if you did scratch it, it would "heal" itself! Can't remember the brand offhand though.

My point is that I would spend more up front and get a quality tint with a nationwide lifetime warranty. So many people just use the cheapest place they can find. If you plan on keeping the car long-term, the difference between $200 and $500 is meaningless over the life of the car. And it's nice knowing that you'll *never* have to pay another dime for tint.

Just my two cents! :)

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the only reason i am getting the fronts on mine redone is my wife was helping me clean the car and used windex on the front window before i could catch it's getting fish eyes in the tint badly and my ocd is going bonkers looking at it daily now.
Good point - that is another benefit of the 3M ColorStable tint - it's "Windex safe". That is something that I know 3m specifically mentions. I'm not sure if other brands of tint are also windex-safe or not, but 3M is (at least the ColorStable type - not sure about other 3M tints).

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