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2006 Impala LT 3.9 V-6

Is there someone out there who has experience with a/c compressors?

I have an AC Delco a/c compressor & there are no threads anywhere on front of the a/c compressor. In other words, a threaded a/c clutch tool will not work. The gap between the clutch & pulley is only small enough for a feeler gauge so, claws will not work & the tool that has just 2 L shaped ends will not work either because the gap is to small.
There are no threads on the front of the shaft & no threads around the shaft.
There are no threads or bolts on the clutch plate and, there is no threads on the inside hole of the clutch plate.

I am a senior citizen on SS but, I can still do the work.(which I love).
The a/c clutch plate only has three rivets & three round little studs so, the tool with the handle & a Y at the end will not work!?

I can move the a/c clutch by hand & the shaft will turn also.
Thanks for any help & GOD bless.:dunno:
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