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huge American cars? Like, puttin 24-30inch rims on a car, put t.v's, navigation system, large chrome grills, loudest speakers, raised or lowered suspension, and everything else. I like those things myself and i know others do 2. But, u have people out there that calls it stupid or crazy in a bad way, saying things like "that's not a real car" or "why would someone spend money on that to put on a car". People, c'mon, if people want 2 put big rims on their cars let them go ahead. people don't say anything if a rich person spends about $100,000-1,000,000 on a Benz or a Mclaren fully equiped, that's a lot more than a person puttin just $10,000-25,000 or 30,000 into a car and makin it way better than a Benz,BMW,. So, why disrespct them 4 doin that? Plus, that customized car that costed less than the Benzes and BMW would cost more, would get a lot more attention than those cars whether u hate it or not.
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