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This car is on its 3rd transmission since I bought the car in 2003 (used).. The intake manifold has had problems, the cadtalytic coverter has had to be replaced. Unfortunatley I didn't buy/get an extended warranty with this vehicle.

I started my car yesterday after it had sat overnight (the weather has warmed up here) the car in park was idling at 2500 RPM's then when I switched into drive the car knocked down and shifted hard into gear, but the RPM's dropped to roughly 1000 - 1500 RPM's in drive. Normally this car runs at 500 RPM's never any higher. My husband has said that it should run anywhere from 750 - 1000 RPM's (Normal). When the car starts acting like this there has been problems... Is there anything that I can have checked out before taking it somewhere to have them tell me it will cost me Thousands of dollars to fix it? Then I got to my destination, shut the car off and started it back up and it was idling fine (normal) 500 - 750 RPM's. Any Suggestions
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