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I'm curious to know if anyone out there has/or still does own a '67 Chevrolet Impala. Just want to get some feedback on what the car is like. How it drives, sounds, handles, how it is on gas, that sort of thing. Since I'm looking to get one. :-D

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I have a 68 imp.

my chevy is a good car, it is a big car, the fisher bodies rust below the windshield (pick up the crome plate that hides the bottom of the glas) and the floor boards under the glass(you should be able to look under the car to see if it has rusted here. the one I have was not taken care of very well.

mine is a 4dr hardtop(four doors, no post holding the rear door, there is a half post just for the door support) the rubber had to be replaced as soon as I got the body work done. there are many many things to keep your eye out on the car, but since you didn't include much, there is not much help to be had.

second to the 2spd Powerglide that came factory in the car, the most fuel effecint set up(this engine will need a rebuild, and a crane cams camshaft) is the 307Ci, withth the 3spd manual on the colum, the most fuel efficent is the 307 with the powerglide. I am figureing completley stock engines. the 307 came with a 2 barrel, single (54mm)throat, rodchester carb.

the set up with the most toruque will be the straight six, and a 4spd in the floor.

it would be helpful to find an owner's manual, the one for the 68 in good shape today will cost about $60 if you have one already everything that was avaliable on your car is in there. this kind of proof(and this document) dramatically increase your investment of the car. research on search engines, patience and digging are your best friends with cars like this. there is a chevy Impala club that is internet based and world wide that would be better able to answer any in depth question. honestly my 68 wheigs 1,000lbs more than my dodge neon, has twice the cylenders, and gets better fuel milage, both around town and freeway. the diff is about 3-5MPG better both ways. but again my car is set up for it. it is not set up for the 10second quarter mile.

as is the saying with the big chevy's "low and slow"

the car looks lowered even when it is not. and the slower you accelorate(any car) the better the fuel milage will be.

good luck, hope this helped
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