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...Impala SS? I am planning to buy a fast sedan car i drove 06 pontiac GXP and 2006 pontiac G6 GTP i work at the rental company so i get to drive these cars. the pontiac GXP and chevy impala SS have the same size of engine which is 5.3L V8, 16 valve, 303 hp @ 5600 rpm. ok now the question is which one will last longer and which one is more powerfull the chevy impala SS or GPX? i have not driven chevy impala SS yet but need to know if its same as GXP. the G6 GTP is also fast but is little smaller than impala and gpx so its ahard decision for me cause i like all these 3 cars buy i am leaning forward to either GPX or impala SS. any comments?
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