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which aftermarket exhaust will sound best for a 94 caprice with an lt1 engine.?

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car is a station wagon. looking a cat back exhaust. i like a deep glugging sound.
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A couple choices would be 2 1/2 Walker/Dynomax pipes or Pypes X pipe.

As far as mufflers, Spintechs are a great sounding muffler :)
You can't hardly beat the sound of a flowmaster.

I have a flowmaster on my 91 4wd short wide Chevy (Stock 210 horse tbi 350, 5spd 31-10.5 all terrains on 15 inch white spokes, with 95 gauge cluster and drac installed and recalibrated, did that myself), and it sounds so nice. Just the right amount of rumble, without being obnoxious.
I have a hooker cat back and I love it. It sounds so mean and is different than what everybody else seems to have. Very distinct sound.

Frankenstien exhaust. Generic term for a DYI exhaust kit. I run CIA headers into their export pipes into Dynomax head tubes to Flowmaster Super 40 series mufflers into the stock resonators with stock tips. Which came attached to the resonators. I like how the resonators kill any of the rasping that come notoriuosly from the Flows. It looks like a stock exhaust for those I want to "sleep on." Its generally quiet at idle but at WOT its good and loud and the Super 40's give it a little deeper rumble. At the Car Craft Summer Nats the car sounds like my grandpa's Caddy. Cant even hear it. Defintally better than the stock crap.
which aftermarket exhaust will sound best for a 94 caprice with an lt1 engine.?

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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