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My cadillac is in great shape. A two days ago, the blower in the car wouldn't turn off. Even after turning off the the car, it would still blow. Eventually, my car wouldn't start, seemingly due to a low battery cuz of the blower not turning off. I got it jumped and the fuse to the blower removed, so it starts now, just not with the blower fuse in place. My mechanic, who is closed for the holiday, mentioned a blower motor relay needing to be replaced. Well i have the part, and I see it goes under the hood in the Maxifuse panel, i just don't know which relay to replace. I have an owner's manual too, and there is no diagram for the maxifuse panel to show the relays. Can anyone help at all???? at least a website to get help from. Please! Law school starts in three weeks on the other side of the country and I gotta be able to drive outta here!! HELP!!
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