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the dash lights and radio dont work in my tracker and i dont have a manual so how can i find a picture to see which fuses are which?
there is no cover on the fuse box either and i really dont want to go and get a book at the store is there a website or something that i could go to?

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It should be on the cover of your fuse box. Pull it off and turn it over and see.
Otherwise, look for a chilton manual at Parts store.

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To determine if a fuse is open, remove the suspected fuse and examine the element in the fuse for an open (2). If not broken (1), also check for continuity using a DMM or a continuity tester. If the element is open or continuity is suspect, replace the fuse with one of equal current rating.
Current Rating Amperes Color

2 Gray

3 Violet

5 Tan

7.5 Brown

10 Red

15 Blue

20 Yellow

25 White or Natural

30 Green

Maxi Fuses:

20 Yellow

30 Light Green

40 Orange or Amber

60 Blue

50 Red

J-Case Fuses:

20 Blue

30 Pink

40 Green

50 Red

60 Yellow
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