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I care a lot about my car - Every week I wash it, check the tires, oil level, fluid levels, etc...

My car's service manual says to get a tune up at 30,000 miles. I talked to an automechanic at PepBoys and he said not to get a tune up until 100,000 because there isn't much they could do anyway. HOWEVER - I called the dealer and they said a tune up would be a good thing to do now (cost $360) and they would replace hoses, belts, etc...

My car is a Pontiac Sunfire 2004 2.2 liter Ecotec with 31244 miles on it. All stock.

Should I get a tune up now? Should I wait till the summer when I plan on doing a 5,000 mile trip? Or should I wait until 100,000 miles?

My dad has taken all his vehicles to 200,000 miles and they've never seen a repair shop (only oil change every 5,000 miles).
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