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whats wrong with my caprice?

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i own a 1992 9c1 caprice 5.7 v8 350

50 000 miles

.... last week i add GAS.. and the car stayed stoped for 4 days... now it make "stutters" ...cough. when i accelerate it, it doesnt die but it lose power....

exemple: the RPM go up and down between 1000 and 1500 rpm...
is it bad quality GAS? remembering in my country the GAS is common poor in quality... or... it a problem with the engine


water?! :/
is better i dry the tank

or complete the tank with PODIUM GAS of petrobras and 2 bottle of STP octane booster

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If it started this after the last tank of gas you might have some water in the gas, try a can or 2 of dry gas, Heat or some other form of dry gas.
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