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...timing marks on engine.? I can't seem to find the timing marks anywhere? I've looked everywhere along the front of the engine and I dont see them. Any alternative ways to set the timing other than just rotating the distributor? HELP?!?!

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If you are timing the distributer base time, try cleaning the front of the engine block just above the crankshaft pully. Some engines were equiped with the scale marks on the flat surfice of the timing chain cover. Your crankshaft should have a flat notch cut into it, this should line up to the proper mark on the scale. Which engine do you have? Here is a list of engines with the degrees before top dead center timing.
350 ci, 250 HP 2 degrees BTDC
350 ci, 300 HP 6 degrees BTDC
350 ci, 350 HP 4 degrees BTDC
350 ci, 370 HP 8 degrees BTDC
400, 402, 454 ci 8 degrees BTDC
If you are replacing the chain and gears, the cam and crank both have dots on the face of the gear that will be at the 12 o'clock position.
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