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Jose, ya talkin' 1969 or 2000? See, back in the 60's an SS pkg could be had for around $175. It included bucket seats console,SS emblems and hide away headlites on the 1969 Camaro. Back then you could order a Camaro , or any Chevy with Big engines low or high geared rearends and 2 different 4 sp trannys. Now later on a Co. outside of Oshawa Canada would take Trans Ams and Camaros and change suspension parts, and different breathers and injectors and a different computer and make them faster and handle better. So, which yr ya talkin' about? Oh yea I forgot to mention HotRod Magazine advertised the 1969 SS Camaro with the 427 eng doing 10.29 in the 1/4 mi
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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