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Whats faster a 96 ss impala or 2001+ ford crown vic police interceptor?

That is very simple....The old tired beat up Caprice/Impala-SS (no offense, I own some and im just trying to make a clear point) is MUCH FASTER and more powerful than ANY new crown vic out there. Hell, in a study not long ago the Civilian crown vic was FASTER than the p71 police package!

One of my customers went to buy a Marauder, supposedly more power and speed than the Impala,Caprice......he buys it and lets his friend drive the Chevy back....Got a call that same day, his friend handed him his ass with his old chevy:) True story.

There are even videos on you tube of Impala out running the fords like they are barely moving in comparison.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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