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I'm planning on lifting my old school Chevy to fit 24 or 26 inch tires...The popular suspension to use is a Chevrolet S-10 kit... I don't necessarily believe that suspension set up would support an all metal automobile..... I would like to know what kind of suspension I would need to make this work properly and would a 350 have enough torque to spin tires of this size?

A monster truck lift is completely out of the question... I just need 4(maybe 5)inches so I can fit the tires(looking for a tucked look)....

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1967 suspension

Unfortunately the 67 is a rear steer setup I think and the S-10 is front steer so therefore the spindles won't work. Look for a guy on the internet that offers big boi kits, he is a master of doing this kind of lift.
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