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Hi there,

I am starting to shop for parts for my Dad's '66 Impala and I have a huge stack of parts catalogs. I have several questions:
1. Where do they get their parts? I am thinking there maybe only 2 suppliers?
Is there quality issues with any?
2. Any parts catalogs better than another or has a feature that stands out or does it come down to pricing?
3. What is the go to parts catalog that people use for nut and bolt restorations?
4. Is there another parts catalog company that is worth looking at?

The parts catalogs I have are:
1. Eckler's LateGreatChevy
2. Impala Bob's
3. The Parts Place
4. Hubbards Impala Parts
5. Sinclair's
6. Harmon's Classic Chevrolet
7. Classic Industries
8. Cars 1 Inc.
9. Year One
10. Lutty's Chevy Warehouse

Any input or information on parts catalogs is welcomed.

Thank you,

1966 Chevrolet Impala 2dr hardtop, 3 on the tree
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