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I am restoring my great grand-fathers, (now mine), 1963 Bel Air.
I am worried that if I try to pry the trim from the clips, that it may damage the trim.
Is there a way to remove it without causing it to be damaged?

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Chrome removal around windshield

The right way to do this is to open the hood and remove the slotted cowl vent cover between the hood and the windshield. Should have six screws through the cowl vent into the firewall area.
Remove the windshield wiper arms.
Remove the cowl vent cover.
This will reveal the screws that hold the "chrome" which is actually stainless steel moulding that goes around the lower part of the windshield.
This moulding is in two pieces. When the screws are removed the trim will come off.
As for the side trim, the screws holding this are under the chrome door trim.
Remove the trim and then remove the side trim on the windshield.
This will reveal the top moulding which is held in place by spring clips.
Using a cotter key removal tool (hook tool) gently pry the front side of the top moulding up.
Good luck. The top can be a bear.
The Oldstreetrodder
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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