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so i was looking into changing my own oil. i dont know what oil to get ive always taken my car to change it to wal-mart but i need to save som more money so yea! i wanna change the oil myself but not sure which oil to choose whether regular oil like wal-amrt stuff or like castrol gtx or mobil or quaker state.

also when is it that the windshield wipers need to be removed?

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Check your owners manual for the viscosity to use, such as 10w30 or possibly 5w30. Wal-Mart brand oil will do just fine. Their current oil is up to new car requirements. The service standard it currently meets is "SM", wich is a higher standard than what your car requires which I belive is "SL". Some people do have a particular preference, but for low cost Wal-Mart oil will work and keeping it changed every 3,000 miles will give you just as long engine life. Have fun changing your own oil and watch the savings add up.
Don't forget the filter also, any filter that states "Will not void Manufactures warrenty will also work fine.
Also remember to take your used oil to Wal-Mart where they still take it for free and send it to the recyling center. Some of them are even taking the used filters as well.
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