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car off? All of a sudden my cars battery is draining over night. What could cause this to happen? I have an updated sound system installed and I thought that was the problem so I disconnected everything and now it’s just the standard car without a radio or anything extra attached and the battery will drain over night. All the lights are out and I can’t see anything on. How should I troubleshoot this problem? I have even used four different batteries (one it brand new) just to be sure I just didn’t have a bad battery. I also have an alarm with remote start; could that be the problem? I don’t hear the fuel pump running and I have standard shocks and springs for suspension without levelers.

Any suggestions or a guesses are appreciated just please help me. Thank you in advance.
The alternator!!!!! That could be it. I just had it rebuilt at the custom alternator shop and I noticed that now my car will continue to run even after I remove the battery completely hot and ground. i did not understand why it would do that.

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Just guessing here but sounds like ignition switch may be faulty if the car keeps running after you cycle the key off. As far as the draining of the battery, sounds more like a problem with the starter malfunctioning/sticking. When they go bad they tend to stay hot and drain your battery.
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