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What generation of Chevy Impala do you own?

  • 1st gen 1958-1961

    Votes: 23 1.7%
  • 2nd gen 1962-1964

    Votes: 81 6.0%
  • 3rd gen 1965-1970

    Votes: 135 10.1%
  • 4th gen 1971-1976

    Votes: 18 1.3%
  • 5th gen 1977-1985

    Votes: 52 3.9%
  • 6th gen 1994-1996

    Votes: 332 24.7%
  • 7th gen 2000-2005

    Votes: 329 24.5%
  • 8th gen 2006-2013 (14-16 Limited)

    Votes: 323 24.1%
  • 9th gen 2014+

    Votes: 50 3.7%
  • I don't own one!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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77 Impala

I own a 77 Impala with 66,3?? current total miles on it. It is in the slow process of restoration. I use it every day for work and all around daily driving. I bought the car in Jan 2003. I trust this car any day to go, even across the nation.

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My car...

I have a -77 Impala 4 door sedan, i am the second owner of tha car, the fisrt owner a doctor from Gothenborg Sweden bought the car i US -77 and took it home to Sweden late -78 and drove it to 1990.
i fonud the car in a little add at internet and rushed away to buy it.
it has only 10 000kilometres on the spedometer...
But it is a lot of work to do, paintjob, restore the engine (350) exhaust....
But i will struggle along with it...

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I just bought an 01 Impala, 3.4L, 88,000km. Second best car I've ever driven (the best was an 03 Impala LS, but the dealer wouldn't go any less than $14,000.) Granted, I used to drive a Hyundai Accent, so pretty near anything would be better than that... but the Impala seems almost like a luxury sedan!

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Well, since I could only vote for one, I went with the generation which I owned more of. :wink:
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