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I have one and dont see many around my area. I like that I dont see them all over but I can never ask anyone about theirs.

Have you had any fuel-injection problems?
I put nothing but Ultra 94 octane (available at select sunoco stations) but had to have the fuel injector cleaned out @ 11k mi. Is this a common problem with this engine, and can it be prevented??

Is gas mileage an issue for you?
Even with the active fuel management sys mines a hog.....

What modifications have you made, both performance and appearance?

What have you lined up against, wins and loses?
I smoked a new mustang gt, mazda rx8 & impreza sti
Got tooled by a Z06

Thanks for your input
first of all, a-holes, I didnt post this to hear idiots who probably drive around in their mom's 88 geo metro dis my car.

you low lifes have nothing better to do than to sit on your computer all day and find people to pick on. this site is made for people to ask questions to people who know something about the topic.

for the chump who insulted chevy....I posted this under the chevrolet section and you responded like a day after I asked the question....this means you went looking for someone who posted a chevy question just to insult them. youre cool.

im not a nascar fan but didnt they just change the standard race car to an Impala SS?? no meaning behind that.
and you put 400+hp to any axle and the car is gonna fly. (ya ive made some improvements)

the Z06 beat me off the line but didnt have the sack to stay with me past 125. none of you chumps would, either.

now, anyone with any good insight towards the matter, I appreciate it.

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Hey Ryan I just bought an 06 impala ss and i am very happy with it. I drove a 07 mustang for a week which was a 4.0 with the pony pkg. The mustang just did not make sense for me. It would be ok for a second car but not a every day driver. The car was bad in the snow even with 150 pounds in the trunk and the hardest riding car I ever drove so bad it made my wife car sick. The impala is quick and it rides great.
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