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Dealer found right side loose tie rod...and nothing else. They also would not give me the summary sheet "in case I decide to go ahead with that one repair once I discuss with my wife". This lack of finding any more recommendations and the refusal to provide the summary seems odd.
This is very not cool in my mind. The quote above makes no sense. What is the purpose of bringing the car to them if they don't give you the information on it's status? They need to decide... charge the customer for the time spent evaluating the car, or don't and call it a courtesy service. They make money either way, trust me.

I suspect they are thinking I just want to use them to check the car for issues so I can go get them fixed elsewhere. But if they check their records they would see I have had several significant things done there (about half was under warranty). So I am a bit baffled by the reluctance to do what I explicitly asked for....a list of prioritized repairs and replacements so I can plan and budget ahead of time.
It's your car, in my opinion, you have the right to choose who and when you would like it fixed. I recently had my car given the once over and I paid them 30 bucks. I've decided to fix the issues myself, my conscience is clear and the repair place seemed fine with it.

At a minimum I would think they might mention the remaining brake pads thickness and the age of the struts/springs (85,000 miles on my car).Since a tie rod requires an alignment, I am also wondering about just asking them how much more it would be to add in front struts and springs. The quote for just the tie rod and alignment was $400. An alignment alone is $120 there. I am also wondering if I even want to get any more work done there if they are incapable (or refusing) to do a proper evaluation of my car.
All good points. Maybe this isn't he place for you. Professionalism counts.
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