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please help me with this problem.? hi, i bought a g5 gt from pontiac like almost a year ago and just after i install an aem cold air intake some problems happened. first when i just turn it on for first time of the day and i shift first (doesnt matter the gear) and going at a speed of 15 miles and accelerate like to quarter or halve the pedal, the car deccelerates instead of accelerating. if i drive the car 15 min. before stepping at the gas to quarter this problem doesnt happen. and when i am driving and i clutch it the revolutions go lower than normal, they go like to 500rpm and then they go to to normal 850. this problem gets fixed too after some 15 min driving but when i turn on the a/c both problems show again until i drive like 20 min. please somebody tell me whats happening with my car and how to fix it. should a sportschip fix this? or an ecu upgrade? because some people tell me that its because some sensor doesnt detect that i have a cold air intake and its making a wrong air/fuel mix. is this true? thanks.
how much will it cost a ecu upgradeand where to get it. some people told me that with an ecu upgrade my car will go faster and the problem of the revving will be fixed. is this true?. what is a fuel management from aem. and what is a plug and play engine management. should i buy this?. please help me because i really know nothing of ecu. thank u very much.
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