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The LT-1 is old school..dates back to the 60's...350 cid V-8,(5.7 litre) can be fitted to a 4 barrel carburator and 5 speed transmission...good for 400 to 500 horses with a little finetuning and a supercharger....this engine is probably the most used in auto's best known as the Corvette/Chevelle/Camaro/Nova/Impala/Monte Carlo base engine from the mid 60's to the early 90's... it was also used in most GM full sized coupes and the Olds Cutlass and Buick the former owner of a 77 Olds Cutlass and 82 Monte me, the 350 or LT-1 is the easiest engine to maintain, tune -up, and can get a dual exhaust kit, Holley blower, and/or a supercharger...get you up to 600's easy to bore out and customize...there are more updated versions...LT-2- 5, each just a improvement upon the original...the cast iron block and heads switched for lighter building materials such as aluminium can also upgrade your transmission to 6 speed from Tremec or Gegtrag...without worrying about making any dramatic modifications...the LT-1 is even used in Ford Deuce coupes and Mercury custom me, it is quite versatile .
The LS-1 is a 347 cid V-8...usually found in Corvettes and Camaro Z-28/SS's is usually 400 horses is designed to run with computerized engine management addition to superchargers and single turbos...Ligenfelter and Calloway as well as SLP provide chips and ECU's to get you 500 horses...the same engine is used in the Firebird Trans Am SLP Firehawks....I've read about people using it with twin turbos ...getting 600 to 800 horses....but their suspension and body panels had been replaced with more race related parts...the 347 is not as versatile and Pontiac/Chevy only used most modern engines, it's not as easy to turn yourself .....

So my conclusion here is the 350 cid V-8 is better than the LS1...sure the LS1 is easy to tune through advanced technology bbut the 350 can be just as fast with alot of elbow grease and some ingenuity....The LS1 is more suited for a more modern well with turbocharging...and ECU....however, if you like old school muscle..the LT is still the champ....also, the 427, 454, and 502 are the big guns...the 540 is a creation of aftermarket's good for big old chevys...600 to 700 horses easy.
It's're a GM owner...possibly you own chevy..what make and model?
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