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I just learned that my LED reverse light was causing my Body Control Module (BCM) to stay away which was drawing power at a rate of 350mA and with a couple of days it would drain my battery to the point where it wouldnt start. I used these bulbs for 6 months before any issue came about.
What year is your car? If I can find a drawing, I want to see how the backup lights are wired on this.

The only drawing I've seen so far (one for my 2007 Impala) doesn't show any features on the backup lights circuit that might cause a battery draw.

But I have seen a wiring diagram somewhere that showed a strange connection which, IIRC, used a light bulb (incandescent) as a "pull-up" on something else, but I can't recall the details. (A pull-up provides a weak bias on a wire to pull it up to the rail (+12V), or to ground, in the case of a "pull-down".) Anyway, something like that might could cause a current draw if the incandescent bulb was replaced with an LED.


1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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