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The same thing happened to me. I bought LED reverse bulbs from Diode Dynamics and it killed my battery twice. Bought the correct bulb and bent the wires over to correctly match the oem lights. They didn't have that faint glow when the car was off like some others complained about but it just slowly killed my battery. Kind of sucks. Probably going to end up returning everything. Function over From.

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Yeah the diode dynamic LED's are incorrect and will kill the battery. Emailed them about it some time ago stating they need to change the bulb as it causes issues. Tell them the same thing and hopefully they realize that it is a common issue.

Did you try bending over the leads on the diode dynamic versions? I have not gotten around to doing that and simply replaced the bulbs back with incandescents for now.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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