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Hi All,

I have 10 million questions about restoring and making my light blue interior look great. Can anyone guide me to a resource for completing such task?

I would prefer to do it myself if possible.

The car has tons of mods already but none of the cosmetic ones were quite finished by the previous owner.

Attached are some pics of the problem areas. (Sorry I could not figure out how to imbed them directly into the message)

1-cracked dash with two holes
2,3-drivers door panel is cracked and loose. I would like to update all of them to the panels with pulls. Mine were either removed or never had them.
4,5-holes in dash
6-cracked assistive light cover
7-moldy headliner
8-I want to add power windows but would like crank backup for when the car is off if possible. Also want to know how to route power wire
9,10-moldy and wet trunk, mostly on driver side

I assume the holes in the dash are from police equiptment and that the mold in the headliner and trunk are from water getting in, hopefully from the same leak but does anyone have any ideas where to look and how to remove the headliner?

My dome light only works when the passenger side rear door is opened. The other three do not activate the dome light.

I have way more than this to address that I cant find in the search but figured most of this will probably go unanswered anyways because of the overwhelming amount of content and questions.

Thanks in advance!


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