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I saw some posts about door panel swaps for the wagon? What looks better, fits and how much and where do i get em?

Also, I want to do the caprice bumper on a 95RMW I found a body kit and also a bumper cover from an autoparts store. Is the bumper cover a copy of the oem design? I know the body kit bumper looks big to me?

To replace the antenna do you have to remove the wheel house tin? thats the only way i could tell to get to it?

Anybody got any suggestions for subwoofer location in these wagons? I really dont want use the spare tire spot, but I have to leave the third row seat functional. I was thinkin of using the footspace for the third row and making a sealed enclosure to fit there. Not sure whats in the drivers side rear panel next to the 6x9 but im sure theres the gas fill and forward of that im not sure. What have you guys done for sound set ups?


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