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VW executive pleads guilty in emissions scandal

This caught me off guard. I have read a little about it, but wasn't expecting this. I was thinking big fines for VW, but wasn't anticipating jail time for anyone.

I wonder if his status as a German national made any difference. Would a native Detroit exec have gotten this severity of punishment? He's been locked up since January because he was deemed a flight risk (by Judge Sean Cox of the US District Court for Eastern Michigan). And now he "faces up to five years in prison for conspiracy".

Quite frankly, and from a different perspective, I would not be shocked to learn things like this had already occurred in Detroit. How hard can it be?

As a long time NASCAR follower, I recognize this type of behavior as part of our culture :) That is, in my business, some folks would simply consider this superior software writing , not cheating :)

Not to pick on Detroit - despite many documented failures, I still think they do some of the best engineering in the world. They have countless achievements in the industry.

Anyway, this being an automotive forum, and we being car guys and gals, I thought, even if it's not about Impalas, this was big car news we might enjoy discussing.


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