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Vent door actuator

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My 2010 impala has started that dreadful clacking sound. The sound is coming from behind the radio. There is no way I can get to it that I can see except maybe removing the dash pad. On our other car we were able to get to another one by dropping the glove box but this one is farther towards the drivers side of the car. Has anyone dealt with a actuator in this spot? Is there a easier way to get to it other than removing the dash pad? I am not sure removing the dash pad will provide access to it. Help please! This clacking is so annoying.
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On my '12, the lh temp bda was up between the steering wheel and radio. I just removed the lower knee shield (push pins) to gain access. I gave $15-20 for the Dorman actuator on Amazon or Ebay. 5.5mm (7/32") mounting screw.
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