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The 2006 is a pre CAN car. The 2009 GM CAN systems will not work and play well with the 2006 stuff.

You have the whole donor car. Don't be Harvey Hardway by trying to mate the newer CAN buss LT cab harness, BCM, interument cluster, etc to the SS engine bay harness. Use the whole donor harness and be done with it.

Swap the cab harness and dash from the 2006 SS into your LT. If the SS dash shell is damaged you can swap the SS harness into the LT dash shell.
Use the remote door lock module, instrument cluster, BCM, Radio, steering column, and LH outside door handle/lock out of the SS.

I'd remove the carpet and pull the harness segments that run underneath to the trunk, seats, fuel tank, EVAP, etc.

Take a bunch of pictures but the harnesses will want to lay down the way they came out of the donor.

I'd strip the recipient cab down completely and then start swapping stuff over from the still assembled donor.

I've done this with T800 & T400 pickups and turned a regular 1987 Celica into a Supra and a 1983 Subaru DL into a 1984 Subaru GL the same way.
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