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Upgrade Opinions

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Hey guys,

I currently own a 2005 Impala base (3.4l). Its medium spiral metallic, and has cloth interior. Its got 130,xxx miles on it, and has been babied, there is absolutely nothing wrong on this car, no dents, no stains, nothing. Just has new brakes under 500 miles ago, wheel alignment, and all fluids changed under 100 miles ago.

I will be selling this car in the fall to upgrade to a Silverado or Sierra to better adapt to these Northwestern Ohio winters.

My question is what upgrades/maintenance replacements things should i do in your opinion that would help this car gain more value, stuff like tinting windows, newer cd player. Im asking the impala community what would YOU like to see in a car like mine if you were looking to buy one. I don't want to do any upgrades though that would eliminate a range of buyers, like i doubt if i put 20 inch rims on it, a 30+ year old will want to buy it.

Please state your opinions, or what parts i should replace. The engine starts right up everytime, the engine doesnt even turn over before it starts right up lol.
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in all honesty, the more mods you put on it, the less willing the average person will be willing to buy it. keep it as stock as possible, nothing is really going to raise the resale value enough to make a difference.
Yeah, I know what you mean, a new cd player costs like 200+, and the buyer is gonna be like wtf if you add 200+ to the price because you did that.

Any mechanical stuff i should look for to replace with 130k on it?
Yea bro just leave it stock and leave it u to the buyers imagination.
without knowing what has been done, i would start with plugs, wires, DEXCOOL service, thermostat, tranny fluid and filter change. i would check out the lower intake manifold gasket as well, they are a disaster on the 3400s.
Gotcha, yeah i knew there was something with a manifold on these engines. When you say wires, you mean spark plug wires?
Alright thanks.

Another concern, When my car is taking off, probably from 0-50 or so, the car hums like it has mud tires on it. maybe over 50, it might just sound be drowned by wind etc.

Does this mean I need to tires rotated? aligned? changed?
check the hubs. you could also just have noisy tires.
how long has the noise been happening? does it do it only when the heater is set to defrost or the a/c is running?
If you do the LIM you should get the metal gasket kit. That kit seems to stop the entire problem once and for all. With that done you can show the next prospective owner that it will be one thing he won't have to worry about.
Its not the engine or anything, its the tires. Sorry for not clarifying that.

The tires were replaced last april, so almost a year old.
If you are doing the labor yourself, things like the LIM may pay for themselves when you sell in the fall.

Given that you're only looking 8 or 9 months down the road, I would try to limit the amount of money you are putting into the car, as you will lose most or all of it.

No answer here on the tire humming.
It doesnt affect the ride at all, it just gets annoying after awhile, I am getting them rotated next week so hopefully it will eliminate the problem.

How do i tell if it (LIM) needs replaced? how much will this replacement run up to?
How do i tell if it (LIM) needs replaced? how much will this replacement run up to?
are you losing coolant at all? look at the underside of your oil filler cap, is it milky a little? those are signs of a failing LIM gasket. also, could be an external leak, check around the engine mating surface of the LIM and see if there is any seepage or build up. if there is, clean it off, then run it for a couple days and see if it comes back.

and i have seen people get the LIM done for over $1200. i replaced my own and the parts cost me around $220.
well thats a good thing, i checked my coolant level just before i got all fluids replaced and it was fine, just a tiny little bit low, but nothing that would be enough to worry about.

Is it tough to replace yourself?
tough? no
long and tedious? yes. i think its supposed to take about 8 hours or something. it took me about 11 in a freezing home garage.
haha i bet that was just hell. I'll definately look into some DIY's on it.

It's a love hate relationship with the car, I like it alot, good old Thelma has been reliable, but she has to go lol.

there you go.
Sister has a GAGT, black, freaking sweet, doesnt even realize what she has, while i sit here in Thelma with a 3.4l lol.

She goes to college this year though, so hopefully, parents will let me have it lol.

BTW thanks for all your help Wedebrook, you've provided me some really important information, i appreciate it.
no problem, man. i got all my knowledge from another site similar to this. a couple years ago, i didnt know sh*t about sh*t.
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