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This program is the orginal and has not been offered to the public. For more info check out this web site

TTS MasterTune is what Lt1 edit and Tunercat were created and based off of.

It is the pro version which allows for unlimited cars to be tuned not locked to one vin.

It orginally sold for $250 for the regular version and $2500.00 for the Pro version.

Just contact me for any questions you have.

TTS Master Tuner Electronic Engine Tuner
Pro Version
Release 6.39c
Copy right 1992-1996

86-88 Y-Body 5.7L PFI (L98) 8192 baud
86-88 F-Body 5.0L PFI (LB9) 8192 baud
89 Y-Body 5.7L PFI (L98)
89 F-Body 5.0L PFI (LB9)
89 Turbo Grand Prix 3.1L (LG5)
90-92 F-body 5.0L PFI (LB9)
90-92 F-body 5.7L PFI (L98)
90-91 Y-Body 5.7L PFI (L98)
93 F-body 5.7L MFI (LT1)
92-93 Y-body 5.7L MFI (LT1)
94-95 F-body 5.7L (LT1)
94-95 Y-body 5.7L (LT1)
94-95 B-body 5.7L (LT1)
94-95 B-body 4.3L (L99)
90-92 Y-Body 5.7L (ZR1)
93-95 Y-Body 5.7L (ZR1)
91-95 Lotus Elan M100
Light Duty (4L60E & MT)
94-95 C,K 5.0L TBI (L03)
94-95 C,K 5.7L TBI (L05)
94-95 S 4.3L CPI (L35)
94-95 C,K,S 4.3LTBI (LB4)
Heavy Duty (4L80E & MT)
94-95 C,K (AT) 4.3L TBI (LB4)
94-95 C,K (MT) 4.3L TBI (LB4)
94-95 C,K (AT) 5.7L TBI (L05)
94-95 C,K (AT) 7.4L TBI (LB4)
94-95 C,K (MT) 7.4L TBI (L19)
Heavy Duty (4L80E & MT)
91-93 C,K 4.3L TBI (LB4)
91-93 C,K 5.7L TBI (L05)
91-93 C,K 7.4L TBI (L19)
Light Duty (4L60E & MT)
93 S 4.3L CPI (L35)
93 C,K,S 4.3L TBI (LB4)
93 C,K 5.0L TBI (L03)
93 C,K 5.7L TBI (L05)
Syclone, Typhoon & T-Truck
91-93 4.3L V6 Turbo (LB4)

Only asking $100 OBO

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Any one interested in this please read the Warning in the description on the website link. If it is not followed you could loose the PCM and have to buy a new one.
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