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Repair, TSB's, Recalls plus more (1982-current)
Mitchel on Demand for single use account (1982-current)
Repair Manuals (1969-2005)
Repair Manuals online subscription (1968-2005)
Here is a webpage to decode the RPO codes on the trunk lid SPID. (Mostly 94-96)
Comprehensive GM VIN Decoder
GM RPO Lookup.
Vin, Engine, Trim, plus more decoders. Covers 67 - 84
Chevy Block Numbers, Performance Enhancements, Engine and Holly Carburetor Information (1958 - current)
Chevy Head Numbers, Performance Enhancements, Information (1958-1996)
Resource infomation for the 94-96 Impala SS (Should work for all LT1's) written by Qalo's SS
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