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Can anyone show me a diagram of where I can find the transmission speed sensor?

2004 impala 3.4L. Not sure what type of trans I have. The problem I'm having is my car will not move from D. I have to manually start from 1 then shift to 2, 3, and s fourth and if I come to a complete stop I have to start from 1 again. I did a filter change and flush. Found no metal residue to in the pan to think it was a big issue of needing it rebuilt. However the filter change and flush did nothing. My guess is the solenoid...after all I hear a weird knocking noise when I shift to 3rd gear. However a mechanic said check the transmission sensor. Being that I can still shift and drive in all gears once the car gets up to the proper speed it shouldn't be a solenoid problem.

Now I know there are two types of speed sensors. My speedometer is doing quite fine so I dont think its that particular speed sensor however, where the hell is the transmission shaft speed sensor. I literally searched for hours and can not find one simple diagram . the part is like $25 at advance so I'm guessing it can't be that big of a deal. Or is it? Can someone please help me out. So tired of driving my automatic like a frigging stick.
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