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Transmission Pan torque Spec's

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How's it going Fella's,

Do anyone know what the transmission pan torque spec's are for a 03 Impala Ls, 3.8L V6:dunno:?...I appreciate everyone's time, Thank's:eek:k3:
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Tighten the bolts to 14 N·m (10 lb ft).
I know I'm reviving an old thread... but...

I just replaced my transmission fluid and filter. The directions that came with the filter said to torque the bolts to 80lbs ft, and then 120lbs ft.

**Shake my head**

Glad I found this thread. I feel much more confident now. Already snapped one bolt, I definitely don't want to repeat this mistake!! I have them tightened down to 20lbs ft.
best way I've always done it was shown to me as a kid by one of the mechanics who worked in the dealership my dad worked in, (I used it on oil pans as well and SBC Timing chain covers as well even on Stock Cars w/ no probs!) use a 1/4 drive ratchet and 7mm socket put the bolt in and just snug it up till it stops w/o using force. then go to like noon, 3,6 or 9 o'clock positions with the handle (what ever is convenient) and just snug it to the next number ie 1,4,7, or 10 o'clock. or just slightly past those but no more! and your good to go! never had a problem with striped/broken/lose bolts or leaks for over 40 yrs doing it that way! its all in the feel!
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