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Hello Impala Owners

We have a 2011 Impala LT owned it for 7 years now love the car except for transaxle/traction fault issues. Since we bought the Impala
it had issues with traction control, and brake system warnings... I changed the front hubs and wheel sensor end wiring that helped, I believe from having those issues when in fault mode (GM BS mode causing hard shits for no reason other that to send you to the dealer) that caused a broken lower band so I had a transmission shop repair the trans last August including replace both solenoids all was good until December then out of nowhere the band broke again and there were no faults or hard shifting. The trans shop repaired it under warranty, now I keep getting P0741 TCC solenoid open, I have cleaned the external wiring connector still get the error, any ideas of what to look for, are there any online PDF shop service manuals that's worth the money?


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