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2002 Impala 3.4L V6 LT FWD 243.1k miles
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Was wondering if 17's off a Chrysler would fit my 2006 Chevy Impala?
You're asking a WAY too vague question. You need to do some research. Start with your vehicle.

1.) How many lugs/studs (4, 5, etc.) ?

2.) What's the distance between the lugs/studs?

3.) Do you know what the offset is? Read this:

Now do the same thing for the wheels you want to put on your Impala.

There can be several outcomes, right?

1.) Wrong number of studs = they won't bolt up at all!

2.) Right number of studs, but wrong distance between the studs = they won't bolt up.

3.) Right number of studs, right distance between the studs, but the offset is wrong = causes tires to strike suspension components, or they won't even clear your brake calipers!

And yeah, there are "spacers" to "fix" some of these incompatibilities, but personally ... I wouldn't do that.

Good luck!
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