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Aligned! Being perfectly aligned is great. Dead nuts is just the ticket for racing!
Drag racing; that is!!! 13-hundred 20-feet. |----------------------------|. In a straight line!
But, ... you require alignment of those front wheels allowing for making left and right turns; frequently!
The front end needs different Toe adjustments according to
TOE ANGLE: ||||<---->|||| (Parallel-None). \\\\<---->//// (Negative • Toe Out). ////<---->\\\\ (Positive • Toe In).
If you're damaging tires prematurely, ... BOTH inside and outside edges ... you need to have the Tire Manufacturers recommended TOE applied or you'll ruin tires as quickly as you've done.
As mentioned by many who've responded to this thread. "Something ain't right!" You must be overlooking something! Something they might have failed to mention concerning 20 inch wheels, ... since its not exactly what you'd call, ... a selling point!
When you run 20's ... you got to be dialed in and conscientious about air pressure and rotation.
Get a pressure gauge that has a convenient pocket clip on it. Don't wait for a dash light telling you a tire's soft.
Check them.
Rotate your tires every 4,000 miles.
An ounce of prevention is worth a new set of cure.
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